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Open Olympiad in Latvian and Regional Studies 2023

On 24 January our school participated in the second Open Olympiad in Latvian and Regional Studies 2023. This year 650 students from 18 countries took part in the Olympiad. Our school was represented by 20 students of different ages. Although many of them have recently arrived in Latvia, they have been diligently and successfully studying the Latvian language, history, culture and geography of our country.

We would like to express special gratitude to IS Premjers Latvian studies programme coordinator Mr Amitabhs Kokins-Tarleckis who encouraged our students and helped them to prepare. This year 20 teachers from Latvian international schools, including Mr Amitabh, worked on the Olympiad assignments. Many thanks to our Latvian language and Latvian studies teachers for their support and assistance in preparing our students for the Olympiad.

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